Honeycomb Collective

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I also care about the Earth, and our impact on it.  Honeybees play a vital role in our ecosystem, and they need some love.  I'm certainly not a bee expert, but I do care - and I desire to bring awareness that will promote research & action to maintain a sustainable life cycle for our honeybees.  

A portion of Honeycomb Collective's proceeds go directly toward supporting our local honeybee colonies and beekeepers.  

Other ways to help... buy local, sustainable honey or consider planting a bee-friendly garden!


I'm Chelsea.  In our technology-driven world, there's still something captivating about the physical word.  Receiving a hand written note in the mail, the smell of an old book, finding a love letter from days past, seeing an ancestor's signature... there's just something special about it.  It's permanent.  It's tangible.  It took time, effort, and love to create.  You can keep it forever.  Call me an 'old soul' but I long to keep the art of written word alive...